Baceno (Verbania)

RV area with 20 sites located at the sports field, with CS and light columns, recycling collection and a sink. The center includes soccer field, tennis court, bocce court, beach volleyball court, toilet facilities, and bar.
Municipal shuttle in summer and winter to Devero Alp, nature park, climbing and hiking of different levels of difficulty, cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing routes.

Oropa (Biella)

Right behind the Sanctuary, complete with everything, including bathrooms, in good order. 31 pitches on terraces. Not all places are flat and the exit is not very smooth.

Pollone (Biella)

Municipal picnic area located in the square in front of the entrance to “Burcina Park,” has 23 RV spots on a self-locking surface, maximum allowed parking of 48 hours. Annual opening.

Candelo (Biella)

Rest area with about 20 sites, with camper service but no electrical hookup. Free parking. Very clean and well-maintained area.

Susa (Turin)

Area within a large mixed parking lot, has CS and electricity connection. Fee.

Valfenera (Asti)

Parking area with 8 pitches on a self-locking surface, near the sports facilities. Maximum stay 8 hours. Always open.

Nizza Monferrato (Asti)

The RV area is located in a very quiet area along the banks of a river, close to a large parking lot and the historic center.

Managed by the Nicese Camper Club, the area is fenced and can accommodate about fifteen vehicles for up to 24 h. The terrain is both gravelly and grassy, but there is no risk of getting bogged down in mud. It is shady and open year-round, is well lit and accepts animals.

Paesana (Cuneo)

Rest area surrounded by greenery, 22 marked plots with light connection and 10 free without connection.
Drinking water fountains and dish sink. Loading/unloading placed outside the area. Night lighting and video surveillance.
In the immediate vicinity (200 m) village center with numerous stores and services.

Roaschia (Cuneo)

Located upstream of the village of Roaschia.

Lighted area with 16 level, grass-bottomed plots, all with electricity, partial shade. Inside toilets and hot shower, sinks and wash basins, loading and unloading, wi-fi, soccer-tennis sports area.

There are no stay limits and dogs are allowed so are cars with caravans in tow.

Open: from 01.04 to 30.09 each year, unless adverse weather conditions prevent the facility from being usable.

Cuneo (Cuneo)

Newly built Equipped Area with 8 places, strategically located because it is immersed in the River Park, close to the city center, connected to the plateau with the panoramic elevator.

Indoor green area, drinking water intake system, electricity, black water and gray water drainage, entrance and exit barrier, benches and tables in the green area.

Maximum permitted parking 72 hours.

Annual Opening.


Municipal area on the bank of the Cannobino creek, 300 m from the historic center, with 55 RV sites, electric hookup, barbecue area, toilets, and area for dumping outside the area.
Payment by parking meter, only banknotes accepted.
Parking is allowed for a maximum of 3 days.

Saluzzo (Cuneo)

Parking area with 19 plots made of drilled and grassed self-locking blocks.

The Area is equipped with power connection posts, night lighting, a double quick-connect or regular water connection, and also a picnic area.

Annual Opening


Rest area on a mixed gravel surface, in a nice location on the pass, on the Colle della Maddalena or du Larche, at 1960 m above sea level, on the border with France.

The Area has electricity connection columns, Loading, Unloading, Barbeque Area, Restaurant and a soccer field.


Annual Opening.

Fubine (Alexandria)

Free parking area, with Loading and Unloading.

Annual opening.