The rest area

Area inside a large mixed car park, has CS and electrical connection.

The area is located 500 meters from the center.

For a fee.

Annual opening.

Street address:

Piazza Arsenio Favrio – 10059 Susa (Turin)


N 45.138610, E 7.054000

All the services

Accesso a pagamento

Entrance fee

Apertura annuale

Annual opening

Allacciamento elettrico

Electric connection to Moneta

Carico Acqua

Water load

Scarico acque reflue

wastewater discharge

Scarico wc chimico

Cassette emptying service

Fondo asfaltato

Paved Fund


Illuminated Area



Mezzi pubblici

Public transport

Animali ammessi

Pets Allowed

More Info

Susa is a small town with a very old story to tell, and can be easily explored on foot.

Along the Via Assietta on the left after the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie is the Roman Amphitheater freely open to the public. Here were held the fights between gladiators and hunting scenes called “venationes”. Inside it is visible a narrow gallery that connects four rooms, the “carceres”, rooms that were used to accommodate beasts and animals before the fight.

The Roman Aqueduct and the Celtic Altar are also worth a visit: on these rocks it is possible to see the cupels, bowl engravings connected to each other by channels. It is thought that the druids sacrificed animals and human beings on these rocks and based on the direction that the blood followed in the incisions, they drew their auspices.

The Arch of Augustus stands on the Gallie anti-road and perfectly frames the Rocciamelone, which dominates the city of Susa. This mountain over 3550 meters high was considered sacred to the people of the city since the Celtic times of the Druids.


Colle delle Finestre

Countess Adelaide Castle

Benedictine Abbey of Novalesa


Orsiera Rocciavrè Natural Park

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