Protocol for the assignment of the "ACTItalia Yellow Flag"

  • Local communities and in general anyone who has an interest in obtaining recognition, must apply through the ” Form ” inserted on the website by filling in the relevant questionnaire , which serves to understand the real needs of the request, to deserve the “Flag Yellow “.
  • The Board of Directors of ACTItalia, at its sole discretion, appoints the members of the “Yellow Flag” Commission, chaired by the President of ACTItalia. This Technical Commission, supplemented from time to time by representatives of the affiliated Clubs closest to the requesting location, may undertake all the initiatives deemed useful to satisfy the assignment request.
  • On the basis of data collection, economic sustainability and the activities that the Commission deems to undertake, a detailed investigation is drawn up to be submitted to the Board of Directors, for a ruling of approval and / or rejection of the application.
  • The resolution to assign the “Yellow Flag” involves the development of a captivating recall event, possibly supported by a conference, license plate award ceremony, presence of social economic political authorities, local and national press and more, to converge on the locality to be awarded, the largest number of Tourist Campers.
  • The resort officially awarded the “Yellow Flag” will be a partner of the ACTItalia National Federation in future events and will be included in a privileged “circuit” of excellence, to the mutual benefit of guests and hosts.


The ACTItalia Yellow Flag is a quality recognition intended for structures / localities that are destined to invest in hospitality and services, in favor of “tourism of movement”, especially to the smaller ones in the hinterland and coastal strips.
ACTItalia is aware that the beating heart of the nation, made up of small municipalities, is the bearer of genuine hospitality based on simple and spontaneous elements, framed by settings of which the Italian environmental and natural system is rightly proud.
The inhabitants, guardians of these unique places, are called to talk about their history and their culture and to present their cuisine, the taste of good traditions, the urban layout, the building characteristics, etc.

ACTITALIA, with its network of clubs scattered throughout the national territory, intends to enter into agreements with these local communities, with the express purpose of collaborating in their economic development, encouraging and promoting opportunities for genuine hospitality and helping them to create equipment capable of promoting integration between the tourist – guest and the local citizenship.
The ACTItalia National Federation, at its sole discretion, assigns the prestigious recognition of “Yellow Flag”.

It is an association under private law which was specifically constituted as a National Federation, to pursue common purposes, between Associations (Clubs) of Tourist Campers.

The Federation does not have individuals as members, but only affiliates Clubs of campers (campers, caravans, tenders) and outdoor tourism enthusiasts.
Affiliated Clubs choose ACTItalia-APS as the National Federation of reference, while remaining absolutely autonomous.
Club Representatives are entitled to participate in federal activities and are required to participate in ACTItalia-APS Assemblies to help shape the general objectives.

No, only by joining a Club freely chosen from among those affiliated with ACTItalia-APS can you obtain the card. ( elenco.asp ?IDmenu=125).

It is written in the acronym itself ACTItalia-APS: Association of Tourist Campers of Italy.
The main actors are the “Campers”, therefore the pure use of this way of doing tourism is enhanced, disseminating the point of view of the consumer.
ACTItalia-APS sells absolutely nothing and acts with the highest respect for ethics, considering itself a virtuous and correct expression of the camper user and consumer.

The Associations become affiliates of ACTItalia-APS when they make a formal request, with a specific form (downloadable from ) attaching the statute to the ACTItalia-APS Board of Directors, which examines the legitimacy and is expressed positively on affiliation.

The membership fee is € 7.00 (seven / 00), for each member registered in the relative “Membership Register” of the affiliated Association.
For many years, the cost of the card has been kept to the minimum indispensable, because ACTItalia-APS does not pursue any profit and the federal team acts on a voluntary level and exclusively in favor of the growth of tourism in the movement.

It has six fundamental values:
1) It is the official document that annually certifies membership in the large ACTItalia-APS family;
2) It is a card of the affiliated Club because there is a space on which to affix the relative logo;
3) It is Camping Card International (CCI), the historic and original card of the camper, agent all over the world since 1934;
4) It is a personal identification card, which can be left in the campsites to replace the passport;
5) It is an insurance policy to protect the camper’s civil liability and his safety. Especially in central and northern Europe, the card is often essential to be admitted to campsites.
6) It is the document to be shown in order to obtain the facilities provided for in the agreements that ACTItalia-APS and the FICC stipulate;
The ACTItalia-APS card is given to the individual Tourist Campers by the Club they belong to, who autonomously establishes his own membership fee, including affiliation to ACTItalia – APS.