Emilia Romagna

Meldola (Forlì-Cesena)

Municipal equipped area created in a large parking lot, near the tennis club. Free, always open.

Baganza Room (Parma)

Area equipped with some places reserved for campers, adjacent to the sports field in a large green area, about 400 meters from the town center. Annual opening. Quiet, relatively shaded, well lit at night.

Terenzo (Parma)

Municipal equipped area for 8 campers on a paved surface, signposted. Annual opening.

Montese (Modena)

It is located 100 m from the center, near the sports facilities. It includes 8 parking spaces for campers and caravans, is equipped with columns for the supply of electricity, is equipped with public lighting, systems for draining gray and black water, and drinking water.

Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna)

Camper park area in ample mixed parking in Castel San Pietro Terme , presence of camper service. Located near the historic center and adjacent to the large Parco Lungo Sillaro

Alto Reno Terme (Bologna)

Municipal equipped area for 9 campers on asphalt, close to the Coop and the spa. Annual opening.