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Municipal equipped area, free of charge, carved out of large parking lot, near the tennis club, always open.


Liberty Square
– 47014 Meldola (Forlì-Cesena)


44.126835N, 12.07232E

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The town, which is pleasant to visit, is organized on levels that run parallel to the Ronco River.

  • The great Venetian Bridge, from which one enters the city, is said to have been built during the short period of Venetian rule.
  • The fortress, which dominates the city, was built before the year 1000. The municipality recently started consolidation and restoration work.
  • The central Piazza Felice Orsini is overlooked by the Loggiato Aldobrandini, built in 1609 by the Aldobrandini family. The loggia features a long arched elevation and an architrave bearing imprinted stars and saw, heraldic motifs of the patrons. The square is closed by the elegant bulk of the Orsini Palace, built in the 18th century, once the home of noble families.
  • Along the central Via Roma, leaving the square, you will see on the right the Church of St. Nicholas, in which the image of the Blessed Virgin of the People, the patron saint of the city, is preserved.
  • Half-hidden behind the imposing Civic Tower (18th cent.), clearly visible from Orsini Square, is a jewel in the landscape of small theaters in the Province: the Dragoni Theater, named after the famous musician from Meldola who lived in the 16th century.
  • Next to the theater are the long arches of the Pavaglione, which began in the 19th century as a space used as a market for silk cocoons and has now been transformed into a place for meetings, exhibitions, and fairs.
  • Other interesting sites to visit include: the 15th-century Church of the Madonna del Sasso, with distinctive facade architecture; and the Church of St. Francis–in Baroque style–which houses a valuable crucifix of the Rimini school of Giotto.
  • In Meldola, a visit to the Silkworm Museum is recommended, which can be visited by appointment. The museum tour allows visitors to learn about the cycle of silkworm breeding, which was particularly flourishing in this locality, the working tools, the first handcrafted silk textiles…


Scardavilla Oriented Nature Reserve

Hermitage of Montepaolo and Cave of St. Anthony

Rocca delle Caminate

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