The rest area

It is located 100 m from the center, near the sports facilities. It includes 8 parking spaces for campers and caravans, is equipped with columns for the supply of electricity, is equipped with public lighting, systems for draining gray and black water, and drinking water.

Street address:

Via Campo del Sole – 41055 Montese (Modena)


N44.266297 , E 10.944645


Tel .: +39 3332193612


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Accesso convenzionato

Entrance fee

Apertura annuale

Annual opening

Allacciamento elettrico

Electric connection

Carico Acqua

Water load

Scarico acque reflue

wastewater discharge

Scarico wc chimico

Cassette emptying service

Fondo pavimentato

Paved Fund

Fondo asfaltato

Paved Fund

Area Picnic

Picnic area


Caravans allowed


Illuminated Area

Animali ammessi

Illuminated Area


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The Rocca di Montese has always been the sentinel of the upper Panaro valley. It is in fact a fortress that is able to dominate the vast panorama of the high Apennines up to glimpse the Po Valley. Already the path to reach it is another medieval and ancient element, in fact visitors find themselves in front of a stone paved road that runs around the walls to climb up a hill in a rigorous pine forest.

Housed in the ancient fortress there is a “Museum of the Territory” dedicated to historical settlements and local material culture. the Places and paths of memory through 23 km of paths in the territory of Montese. Like a dialogue between the past of a long year of war and a present aimed at peace, the Museo Diffuso runs through the mountains and valleys of the Montesino area, recounting the harshness of the period that from the summer of ’44 leads to the end of the Second World War, in April 1945. The path, well indicated by the signs and without difficulty, is easy to walk, even in stages, for the whole family or school groups.

The Borlengo Festival at the Rocca di Roffeno (Castel d’Aiano) in June deserves a mention: an entire day dedicated to the best-known food of the “poor cuisine” of the Bolognese and Modenese mountains. Visitors will be welcomed by food stands that in addition to the borlenghi will offer the chocolate of the mountain tradition: there will also be entertainment shows, stalls and a market. Also in July there is space for gourmets with the Festival of wines and ancient flavors, with tastings, typical products, food stands, music and street performances.


Castel d'Aiano

Caves of Labante


Gaggio Montano

Lizzano in Belvedere

Pavullo nel Frignano



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