Tototravel “20 Regions in 20 Days” with 0 impact

“Actitalia carefully supports the interesting project that the Tototravel association in the person of the manager Salvatore Magliozzi is currently advertising.“20 regions in 20 days = 0 impact”, stemming from Salvatore’s idea, represents what is possible to do by working on sustainability, the environment, and natural resources. “A strong environmental message, promotion of the territory […]

Press release relating to the meeting held at the Novegro Italia Vacanze fair between the three National Associations: Actitalia, Federcampeggio, Unione Club Amici.

On the occasion of the conference organized by the Camper Club Cento Torri di Pavia and heldduring the Italia Vacanze event in Novegro (MI), therepresentatives of the federations of Italian campers, Unione Club Amici,Confedercampeggio and ACTItalia, on the theme of future sector programs.The president of Confedercampeggio, Giovanni Grassi, illustrated the actions he is takingimplementing to […]