The adventure

The vehicle chosen for the new adventure in Europe is the Malibu I 430 LE. This will allow the scrappy outfit to have a motorhome equivalent to a passenger car in terms of traffic regulations but, at the same time, all the distinctive features of the new Malibu GENERATION M, namely high comfort.

Leading it will be Salvatore Magliozzi, wild turism expert , Tourism Marketing Specialist and writer, who has spent more than 25 years traveling the world visiting more than 100 destinations, experiencing numerous wilderness adventures and even one in orbit.

At the“Salone del Camper di Parma” at the Malibu stand (Hall 6 stand G012) and the ACTI Italia stand (Hall 02 – Stand I 055 and Hall 04 Stand D025) it will be possible to find out more details, meet Salvatore and the staff of… caterpillars included!

The itinerary

The journey will begin on September 25 from the point more eastern (Virmajärvi in Finland, on the border with Russia, surprisingly the most easterly point in the EU, due to the shape of the earth) to travel the whole of Europe, stopping at all the other extreme points: the northernmost (Knivskjellodden in Norway, since North Cape is actually further south), the lowest artificial (Tagebau Hambach in Germany, an open-cast coal mine), the geodetic center (Gadheim in Germany), the highest point (the Mont Blanc), the lowest natural (Etang de Lavalduc in France), the most western (Cabo da Roca in Portugal), finally arriving at to the southernmost (Punta de Tarifa in Spain, a former island now connected to the mainland), In just 20 days!

The extreme points of“Europe” depend on the definition of its territory. In this case, the European Union (continental) plus the Schengen Area was considered, as this is how“Europe” was considered during the pandemic.

This area also coincides with geographical Europe culturally, as the Urals and other Eastern countries have always been considered“Eastern Europe.”

Including some detours, the route will be more than 9,000 kilometers long and will require hundreds of hours of driving, all of which will be done by Salvatore Magliozzi, as the photographer who will follow him will only be responsible for making the material necessary to document this unprecedented extraordinary experience.

The caterpillars(Pieris brassicae) will be released as butterflies at the endpoint in collaboration with a team of Entomologists who have long worked with the association.