April 13, 1932 –

April 13, 2022

90 years old

This year marks the ninetieth anniversary of the establishment of the first camping club in Italy. It is an important year that marks the beginning of all outdoor tourism activities.

In 1932 Luigi Bergera, a pioneer of this lifestyle, founded the first Italian association of campers, the “Auto Campeggio Club Piemonte (ACCP)”, based in Turin. In Europe in previous years, four other associations had arisen which together with Italy formed the International Federation FIC (Federation International of Camping), then, over the years, transformed into the current FICC (International Federation of Camping and Caravanning).

It is necessary to remember this date from which the practice of “camping” began.

ACTItalia will celebrate the event in a particular way with an international meeting during the week of the Salone del Camper 2022.

The Board

Below is a message from our Honorary President CAMILLO MUSSO

“With deep emotion I want to remember this date to ALL ITALIAN CAMPING GUESTS so that they raise a thought of gratitude to the Founder Luigi Bergera and to all who have continued his work”.