The Staging Area

Equipped area with 18 sites for campers and caravans, located on the outskirts of the town, close to city bus service that passes in front of the area.

Equipped with C/S and power connection, large plots, fenced and lighted.

Shuttle service is provided upon request.


Provincial Road, 14

90024 Gangi (PA)


N 37.791852, AND 14.210190


Tel: +39 380 526 8655

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Gangi is an Italian municipality in the province of Palermo, named Borgo dei borghi in 2014, also since 2012 it has become part of the “Jewel of Italy” municipalities and in 2014 it became famous for filming the program “Alle falde del Kilimangiaro” in its interior. It is a very characteristic and distinctive town that presents itself first and foremost and to the eye as an immense mass of stones sloping down from a mountain peak.

Walking through the streets of Gangi, one has the feeling of going back in time. Its origins are very ancient, with some finds dating as far back as the Bronze Age.

Gangi is a very devout town and attached to its traditions: the population regularly celebrates folk festivals such as, for example, “Viaggi Scazi” and “Sittina du Spirdu,” celebrations during which devotees, barefoot address prayers all the way to the shrine.

Gangi is also home to the biannual event “Vivere in Assisi,” which is considered one of the most beautiful historical events in Sicily and, in Italy, the mother of medieval traveling events. It traces the life and message of St. Francis of Assisi through a unique combination of theater, art and music in the picturesque setting of Italy’s most beautiful village.

In August in Gangi there is the “Sagra della spiga” with the “Festa dei Burgisi” and the re-enactment of the typical customs and customs of the peasant tradition of the past, linked to the ancient pagan cult of the Mother Goddesses propitiating the fertility of the land.

For nature lovers, there is plenty of hiking in the immediate vicinity with backpacking and comfortable shoes.

For gourmets and lovers of good food, it is possible to taste the typical local products and dishes of the place: there are many typical cheeses and cured meats, soft ricotta accompanied by homemade bread, one of the most typical dishes of the village of Gangi is “a pasta ccu maccu “or pasta with broad bean and fennel macco, and the typical poor man’s dish “le pitanzé” consisting of lamb entrails or sweet and sour liver also accompanied by roasted peppers and a special caponata with extremely genuine and local products and raw materials. Finally not to be missed are “i maccaruna ccu sucu, a carni, a sucu con uova e patate” that is, macaroni with sauce, meat, eggs and potatoes.


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