Francavilla Marittima

The Staging Area

Newly built, municipal, lighted parking area, located above the soccer field, equipped with 8 level stalls with possibility of electrical connection (for a fee) and water drainage and loading area (non-drinking).
Toilet facilities with shower, 2 grilling spaces, and a washhouse for laundry.
Access h24 via electronic sensor provided by Ms. Maria Teresa who manages the Area, reservation welcome.
Once you enter the village, you have to make a small climb up a dirt road.

Annual opening

Maximum stay 72h


Giuseppe Mazzini Street 56

87072 – Francavilla Marittima (CS)


39° 49′ 14″ N – 16° 23′ 17″ E


Tel: +39 3381281724

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Accesso convenzionato

Paid admission

Apertura annuale

Annual Opening

Allacciamento elettrico

Electrical Connection

Carico Acqua

Water Load

Scarico acque reflue

Waste Water Discharge

Scarico wc chimico

Empty-Cassette Service

WC (1)

Toilet facilities

Docce Calde

Hot Showers

Fondo pavimentato

Paved Bottom

Fondo erboso

Grass Fund

Accesso con sbarra

Controlled Input


Illuminated Area

Animali ammessi

Pets Allowed

Diversamente Abili

Services for the Disabled

Area Barbeque

Barbeque Area

Area Lavaggio Biancheria

Laundry Sinks

Parco Giochi


More Info

The origins of Francavilla Marittima date back to the time of ” Magna Graecia” with the construction of the legendary city of “Lagaria” in turn founded on the remains of the indigenous village: that of the Enotrians.

VillaFranca’s name means “Tribute-Free Country,” later renewed to Francavilla and in 1863 adjectified as Maritime because it is near the sea.

The late medieval old town, encloses in its heart one of the most important monuments from the environmental historical point of view, “The Old Fountain” built in 1793 with the 3 barrels from which water flows collected in 3 marble basins.

Also worth visiting is the Rovitti Palace, built in the first half of the 19th century and featuring a uniform facade with ornate windows.

The mother church the Annunziata is dedicated is built in the 18th century and features a bell tower built in the 17th century.

Other churches present in Francavilla are:Church Madonna del Carmine, Church Madonna degli Infermi, built on the original aristocratic chapel of the Serra di Cassano dukes, sold in the 18th century to the Apolito family, which in 1806 totally rebuilt the building, dedicating it to the Blessed Virgin of the Infirm who appeared on the night of September 14, 1806.

The Church of St. Lucy and the Church of St. Emmidio are also worth a visit.


Pollino National Park


Shrine of St. Mary of Arms

Cave of the Nymphs


Cassano allo Jonio

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