Press Release Parma September 19, 2021

The week-long kermesse of the Parma Camper Show ended on Sunday, Sept. 19. The National Actitalia Federation has obtained a lot of positive feedback on its day-to-day activities. The presence this year in two booths made it possible to divide the scheduled functions well. In Central Hall 4, all institutional activities were held, with meetings with representatives of some of our affiliated clubs, visitors, and industry insiders to provide clarification and answers to the programs and projects the Federation is pursuing. In Hall 2 of tourism under the Actitalia Friends brand, we had four companies, with whom we have been collaborating for some time, who expressed satisfaction with the week in which they offered their facilities and services. Thanks, then, to the Carinthia Tourist Office, which presented a series of campsites in that unique and typical territory of southern Austria; to the Human Company, a group of campsites and villages present in our beautiful Italy with prestigious high-level facilities; to the Villaggio della Salute Più – Natural World, which in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines offers a special environment to experience a vacation in close contact with nature; and to Camper Infinity, which presented its App with new and interesting updates. Throughout the week we were present at meetings and conferences where we represented the world of associationism and camping, an area in which we have long been prominent. In particular, during the conference organized by Pleinair magazine to celebrate its first 50 years of existence, we represented the origins of the association and the values that the Federation and its affiliated clubs still passionately carry on today. We have renewed our readiness to cooperate, together with other national federations, in joint projects to present to institutions, while maintaining our own particularities and characteristics. The highlight of the day on Saturday 18 was a conference organized by Actitalia where, with the Yellow Flags project, new awards were presented to rest areas in many municipalities in Italy. On the occasion, we unveiled the new site, rich in news and images, with new benefits and with additions of videos, events and scheduled events. A thank you then to the Mayors, Councillors, and Entities who attended with an invitation to all, present and absent, to work together in synergy to be able to develop the project and to grow socially, culturally and economically the territory they represent. Appointment for the next edition of the Camper Salon where we will present many new and interesting projects. THE BOARD OF ACTITALIA APS NATIONAL FEDERATION.