The rest area

Stop for 15 campers in the smallest town in Sardinia in the Giara area. Gravel dirt road, in the town adjacent to the municipal swimming pools and the amusement park. Annual opening. Shaded and illuminated. Free access and parking, water loading, free toilets and toilet wash. Electricity and drinking water connection for a fee.

Street address:

Via Bia Genuri, 1 – 09090 Baradili (Oristano)


N 39.722800, E 8.8898600


Tel .: +39 0783910013


All the services

Accesso gratuito

Free entry

Apertura annuale

Annual opening

Allacciamento elettrico

Electric connection for a fee

Carico Acqua

Load of drinking water for a fee

Scarico acque reflue

wastewater discharge

Scarico wc chimico

WC Wash service


Illuminated Area

Fondo Ghiaia

Gravel bottom

WC (1)


Wi Fi


Parco Giochi

Adjacent playground


Adjacent Municipal Swimming Pool

Animali ammessi

Pets Allowed

More Info

Known as the least populous municipality of the island and one of the least inhabited in Italy, it preserves unaltered traditions and naturalistic and archaeological beauties.

The appearance is of a medieval village with numerous ancient “courtyard” houses.

probably that its origin dates back to the Roman period, traces of which can be found in various areas. In particular in Cibixia there are the foundations of a large building, divided into 25 rooms, perhaps intended for bathrooms. Some tombs containing amphorae and oil lamps have also been found.

What is certain is that its territory was inhabited since the Bronze Age, as evidenced by other nuraghes: the most important is the single tower Candeu . Near the prehistoric monument there is a fountain (also nuragic), dug into the rock and rebuilt in the following centuries. The water is now used in the parish church of Santa Margherita martire.

In honor of the patron saint of children, two festivals are celebrated a year: sa festa manna ; the main one, at the end of May, and Santa Mragaida agattada (found) or de is cruguxionis (of ravioli) in mid-July, at the turn of two Sundays. The “Raviolo Festival” is linked to the celebration.

Around the town, there are two rural churches, Santa Maria and Santa Restituta, the municipal park, attraction of a peaceful and silent village, and many archaeological sites, of Giara and Monte Arci.


Ilidarab Water Park

Park of the Giara

Sardinia in Miniature Park

Tomb of giants Sa Domu 'e S'Orku

The Garden of Turri

Sa Fogaia archaeological naturalistic park

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