The Staging Area

Relaxation Area 1, 450 meters from Ponte Caffaro, across from Lake Idro, 10 delimited pitches, level and on a gravel bottom, not shaded, public lighting, electric hookup and camper service (single rate, all inclusive).

Annual opening.


Via del Lago – Fraz. Ponte Caffaro – 25072 Bagolino (Brescia)


N 45.8812440, E 10.520160


Tel: +39 3488608267

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Gravelly Bottom

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In Bagolino the real illustrious character is the Bagòss, also known as the Bagossino, although the locals call him by the feminine: the bagossa.
The history of this cheese is lost in time, still characterized by old and ancient processing that maintains its unique taste, and the use of saffron that gives it that special color.

The village is well maintained and is really a classic medieval village. Worth visiting are the Cathedral of St. George Martyr, located at the highest point of the city and housing unique paintings, the Monumental Cemetery, and the Church of St. Roch.

Also worth a visit is the Hermitage of St. Gervasius and St. Protasius at nearly 1,000 meters above sea level.

Not to be missed is the Bagosso Carnival, whose tradition dates back to at least the 16th century, with the unmistakable figures of the Balarì (dancers and players) and the grotesque Maschér (masks)


Geological site "Golden Nail"

Lake Idro


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