The Staging Area

Newly constructed RV parking area located in Canalotto Square. There are 20 electrical connections, loading and unloading, night lighting, convenient to the historic town center and the archaeological museum.


Annual opening.


Ciappa Street- 94010 Aidone (Enna)


37° 24′ 45.4392″ N 14° 26′ 27.2976″ E


Tel: +393333952091

Tel: 0935600517

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Annual Opening

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Illuminated Area

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Aidone is a small town full of wonders absolutely worth seeing. It is home to an important archaeological site, Morgantina, and its Venus, a Greek sculpture, 5th century B.C., returned to its homeland in 2011.

The town, nicknamed “The Balcony of Sicily,” from its belvedere, offers a ‘wide view of the Plain of Catania, Mount Etna, and the Erei Mountains. The Aidonese territory, already rich in forests, shares with the nearby cities of Piazza Armerina and Enna the Ronza Park, a wonderful nature reserve. In the Aidonese countryside it is also possible to admire the ancient buildings of the masserie and at the border with the province of Catania, Lake Ogliastro.

Aidone’s religious tradition for Easter is similar to that celebrated in many Spanish cities, notably Seville and Malaga, as it was brought to Sicily by the Spanish. It ends with typical city festivities amid dancing and pirouettes by the 12 “Santoni” around the Risen Christ and the Blessed Mother.

Also noteworthy are the celebrations of the “Feast of St. Philip” on May 1 and that dedicated to the patron saint, St. Lawrence, from August 3 to 10, which coincides with traditional summer events: tournaments, musical and band performances. It closes with the most anticipated of all fireworks, which begins precisely at midnight on the 10th, coinciding with the shower of stars!


Piazza Armerina


Pergusa Lake

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