Tourist Campers Association of Italy
Social Promotion Association DM 9 March 1940
Member of the FICC International Federation of Camping Caravanning et Autocaravaning Rue des Colonies 18/9 – 1000 Brussels

Rome, 07 March 2022

Transmission by e-mail

Dear President,
with this notice valid for all purposes of the law, your Club is summoned to participate in the


of the National Federation ACTItalia – APS, which will take place in the Concert hall of the Services Building of the Bologna Exhibition Center as part of the “Liberamente” event and electronically via the platform of which we will send you the connection link in the previous days.
The meeting will be held on first call at 06.00 on April 2, 2022 and on second call
SATURDAY 2 APRIL 2022 at 3.00 pm
(please participate in second call)

1. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
2. Report of the Board of Directors on social activity 2021
3. Final balance sheet as at 31 December 2021 and report of the Auditors
4. Various and possible

The delegates of the affiliated Clubs may participate in the Assembly, with the requirements established by the statute and the regulations in force and in good standing with the payments of the membership fees.
Remember that each delegate can bring three proxies to represent another affiliated Association / Club.

Thanks and best regards

Guido Chiari

PRESIDENCY: Guido Chiari Via IV August 23 50018 Scandicci (FI)
Registered office: at Mo.VI Lazio Via del Casaletto, 400 ROME
Cell. 3397697270 e-mail:
CF and PI 08470670012 – Website:

From the statute:

Art 11) CALLING OF THE ASSEMBLY The Ordinary Assembly of Federated Associations is convened by the President of the Federation with a notice sent by ordinary mail, fax or e-mail. The notice contains the obligation to communicate the receipt of the call within “15 days” before the day set for the meeting. The notice with invitation to participate is sent to the address, or to their fax number, or e-mail, or PEC, resulting from the list of affiliated Associations / Clubs. It must contain:
a) the date and time of the first call;
b) the date and time of the second call, which can also be fixed on the same day of the first call, after at least one hour from the first call;
c) the place of both the first and second call;
d) the number of delegates due to each affiliated Association / Club according to the number of its members;
e) the Agenda,

From the regulation:

Participation in the assemblies 4.1 The Delegates of the Clubs who are in possession of an ACTItalia-APS card can participate in the Assemblies of the ACTItalia-APS Federation. 4.2 Each ACTITALIA APS card holder has the right to be a Delegate. Each Member can carry a maximum of three proxies. 4.3 For the purposes of voting at the meeting, the votes for each affiliated Club are counted as follows: from 1 to 99 members 1 vote, from 100 to 199 members 2 votes, from 200 to 299 members 3 votes, over 300 members 4 votes . The votes due are based on the number of members registered on the card request register from 01/01 to 31/12 and not in relation to the cards purchased during the year. 4.4 The president of a club, as the legal representative of the association, has the votes available according to the number of members and can be the bearer of up to 3 other votes. Outside of this case, each ordinary member of the Club can make a maximum of 3 votes. 4.5 The notice calling the Shareholders’ Meeting (Ordinary or Extraordinary) can be sent to each Association via E-Mail to the e-mail address or other address indicated by the same, provided that it expresses the obligation to respond in receipt of the notice of convocation. If the Association does not communicate the receipt, it is contacted again with further notice and this second notice is considered valid without further formalities. Otherwise the rule of silent consent applies. 4.6 It is desirable that each Councilor of the ACTItalia – APS Federation convenes at least once a year a meeting with the Clubs of his / her territorial competence using, if necessary, IT platforms.