The rest area

Equipped area “Fontana Vecchia”.
The car park is located in a public garden but in a difficult to access position and not suitable for large vehicles. It has 8 camper places, it is flat, equipped with services, electricity connection, loading and unloading and a children’s play area. Annual opening, free. The rest area is well signposted and is part of the “Basilicata in camper” circuit.

Street address:

Via Toscano Don Pancrazio – 75019 Tricarico (MT)


N 40.619877 , E 16.145348

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Accesso gratuito

Free Access

Apertura annuale

Annual opening

Allacciamento elettrico

Electric connection

Carico Acqua

Water load

Scarico acque reflue

wastewater discharge

Scarico wc chimico

Cassette emptying service

WC (1)


Parco Giochi


Animali ammessi

Pets Allowed


Illuminated Area

Fondo Ghiaia

Gravel bottom

Area Picnic

Picnic area

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There are countless religious and civil architectural emergencies in the city, whose historic center, consisting of the Civita, Saracena, Ràbata, Monte and Piano districts, develops in a perfect “spindle” pattern, typical of medieval cities built on the hills:

  • Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, in which, in 1383 Luigi I of Anjou was crowned king of Naples;
  • some churches adorned with frescoes;
  • convents (Sant’Antonio di Padova, Santa Chiara, Santa Maria del Carmine, San Francesco d’Assisi, Santa Maria delle Grazie);
  • Norman Tower, 27 m high with walls even over 5 m thick, from which it is possible to admire a superb panorama. On the top, although there are no walls around it and the crowning arches are almost level with the floor, if you stand on the stone placed in the center of the surface, you will hear your voice echo as if you were in a cave.
  • Torre della Saracena and Torre della Ràbata;
  • Gates of the fortified city : “Fountain”, “del Monte”, “della Ràbata”, “della Saracena”, “delle Beccarie”;
  • Palazzo Ducale , which houses the archaeological museum.
  • Noble palaces , most of which were built between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Also worth visiting is the “Sanctuary of the Madonna di Fonti”,

Located in the wood of the same name, the sanctuary, according to traditional sources, was built around an ancient image of the Madonna and Child painted on a low wall and discovered, in the midst of brambles and dense vegetation, thanks to a cowherd who, after having lost a cow found her, kneeling on her front legs, contemplating this image.

The sanctuary is, however, one of the main Marian places in the region, a pilgrimage destination especially on Sundays in May.



Serra del Cedro Archaeological Area

Archaeological Area of Civita

Sanctuary of the Madonna di Fonti

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