The Staging Area

The municipal picnic area “Batuda” has 15 places for campers on asphalt, with electricity connection, loading and unloading and toilet facilities, adjacent to a green area with barbecue and children’s playground. The Area is illuminated.

Closes in the winter period due to snow, from November to mid-March.

To get to the village, a convenient trail has been opened that starts exactly opposite the entrance to the AA.


Via Batuda – 38012 Tres (Trento)


46° 19′ 13.044″ N 11° 6′ 6.948″ E


Tel: +39 0463467072

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Paid admission

Apertura estiva

Summer Opening March-October

Allacciamento elettrico

Electrical Connection

Carico Acqua

Water Load

Scarico acque reflue

Waste Water Discharge

Scarico wc chimico

Empty-Cassette Service

WC (1)

Toilet Facilities

Fondo asfaltato

Asphalt Bottom


Illuminated Area

Area Picnic

Picnic Area

Area Barbeque

Barbeque Area

Parco Giochi

Playground 100 m away

Bus navetta

Shuttle Service

Animali ammessi

Pets Allowed


Caravans and Trailers Allowed

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There are two lakes in the area: Lake Tavon, which is natural in origin, and Lake Coredo, which is artificial.

Always a favorite destination for lovers of peaceful Sunday walks, it has now become a favorite place for runners as well since the “Predaia Running Park” was established.

Fishing is also practiced and an annual rowing event is organized as well, while the neighboring trails are quite popular with horseback riding and mountain biking enthusiasts.

Coredo is home to the infamous Black Palace, the place where some Inquisition figures imprisoned and had several innocent people tortured in the early 17th century.

Among the many religious places, the presence of the Sanctuary of St. Romedius, dedicated to the “Saint of Bears,” certainly stands out.


Wildlife Park "Spormaggiore"

Belfort Castle

Sangottardo Castle

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