On the occasion of the conference organized by the Camper Club Cento Torri di Pavia and held
during the Italia Vacanze event in Novegro (MI), the
representatives of the federations of Italian campers, Unione Club Amici,
Confedercampeggio and ACTItalia, on the theme of future sector programs.
The president of Confedercampeggio, Giovanni Grassi, illustrated the actions he is taking
implementing to sensitize the members of its federation and the actions taken
with the other National Federations and Assocamps, regarding the unloading areas of the stations
of motorway service.
Councilor Giancarlo Valenti, ACTItalia, bringing the greetings of the national president
Guido Chiari, underlined the importance of the common goals that exist
implementing at the federal level to have more “political” weight for our sector and a
ever greater involvement with local associations.
The president Ivan Perriera of UCA, after having said goodbye, thanking him for his
presence, the architect Pagliuzzi president of the Novegro fair and the president Luigi
Boschetti, from Promocamp, illustrated the strategies of his organization
asking to share the suspension of the Russian federation from the political level
FICC, thus evaluating the possibility of sending a joint letter of the three
Federation to the international president, Joào Pereira.
He also proposes to make our “voice” heard by the government to counter the continuing
fuel prices.
Finally, following the intervention of a journalist, who spoke
of Italian registrations and the increase of new itinerant tourists arrived at
sector as a less risky vacation alternative during the pandemic, Perriera
suggests to the other Federations to propose a collaboration to Assocamp to do
register free for one year, all new buyers to one of the clubs present
in Italy, in order to offer more “education” to new campers. As well as
advises to contact the new FAITA president to create a working table, face
to facilitate the relationship, which is always too conflicting, between campers and owners of
In the end, the President of the Camper Club 100 Torri, Cristina Placidi, moderated the
interventions of those present and the welcome intervention of the architect Pagliuzzi who has
thanked everyone for participating in ITALIA VACANZE 2022.
Novegro 12 March 2022