2021 is also about to close its doors! Surely, the way things went, it was better than 2020, a
year that we will have to cancel instead.
Although with various restrictions we have managed to participate in some rallies, meetings, fairs and meet again with some of you. The
the complicated moment we are experiencing has allowed us to continue in the last months of the year,
the many activities and projects making you participate with fairness and responsibility.
The camper show in Parma in September saw our double presence with two stands, one more
institutional, the other more aimed at tourism, and where, during the nine days of the Fair, we encountered an increase
interest in the sector. Important was the meeting on Saturday afternoon where we awarded 14 municipalities for
the parking areas awarded the “Yellow Flags” recognition.
We took part in the Rimini TTG, an important showcase for dealing with many operators in the sector, both national and
international, in order to identify new forms of collaboration. In the coming months we will update you on the
novelties identified.
We participated in Tourism and Nature of Montichiari, a sector fair in which we have been taking part for years, where, too
thanks to the reference clubs in the area, an appreciable presence of interested people was found
to our membership activities.
Together with the other Federations we have undertaken other joint collaboration activities by strengthening, in particular
in our sector, the message that unity is strength. A document was prepared and subsequently a
intervention with the Sicily Region to communicate our requests and expectations in the enactment of the new law
on tourism.
It is at this time of the year that renewals and requests for Actitalia cards / Camping cards begin, so here in
Federation look forward to your communications in this regard. Continue to be part of the large Actitalia family
allows you to grow in experiences, sharing new proposals and suggestions with the enthusiasm that always there
I hope that this pandemic can only be a bad memory and, with the invitation not to let your guard down and not to
never give up, I wish all of you and your families a peaceful Christmas and a healthy and peaceful start to the new year.
Guido Chiari