TurismoNatura is the exhibition dedicated to the motorhome,
caravans and accessories, designed for all enthusiasts
Of environmentally sustainable tourism of an area
among the most opportunity-rich in the entire North

Environmentally sustainable tourism constitutes a niche
booming market, with consumers
attentive and looking for quality products thanks to
to the many hotels, guesthouses, farmhouses, resorts
tourism, campgrounds, tourism promotion organizations
and practitioners who have made their own
The concept of eco-sustainability. It is a
choice involving an increasing number of
people, who are increasingly oriented toward consumption patterns
more sustainable, environmentally friendly and
Of land balances. Traveling in an RV
and caravans, along with the new frontiers of bicycle tourism,
is one of the main ways to discover the
landscape, fully enjoying every aspect of it in
Authentic way and respecting the environment.
TurismoNatura is an exhibition that intercepts these
specific needs, giving voice to a world
Seeking visibility. Thanks to the participation
Of the most important brands represented
by dealers in the area, the fair will offer the
Opportunity to closely evaluate a wide range of offerings
of motorhomes and caravans but also of accessories and
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Cell. 348 5112561
Nautica Laghi is the proposed exhibition section.
within the framework of TurismoNatura in a context
unique for boat enthusiasts, sailing
and small boating. Nautical Lakes caters to the
devotees of small-scale boating who have with their own
with Lake Garda and Lake Iseo a
special bond. The Montichiari Exhibition Center
in the province of Brescia, in fact, stands at the crossroads
Of a unique territory, made up of productive excellence
but also of a tourist vocation
Which has Lake Garda as a pole of attraction
unique in Europe. At the fair, it will be possible to evaluate
closely proposals related to the world of small