Summer is ending ….. used to recite an old catchphrase from a few years ago. However, this season has marked a
slow but steady resumption of activities of us campers. I started reviewing on various social media posts from vacations,
mainly around Italy but also many forays abroad. In the past months, everyone in the industry
have reiterated that the pleinair vacation, whether in a camper, caravan or tent, is the safest even in terms of protection
health care and there was thus a crescendo of departures alone, with a few friends, or with organized groups (respecting the
anticovid rules) to relish and benefit from all that living by traveling offers us.
Now we have the fall months ahead, with the first Trade Fairs, gatherings of our Clubs, new projects together with
other organizations that, if these aftermaths of the pandemic allow us, will gradually return us to the
Actitalia, although in a holiday season, continued to work to enable its members to have new and
renewed proposals.
In the upcoming Camper Salon, which will be held in Parma from September 11 to 19, we have doubled our space:
we will be present institutionally in Hall 4 booth D025 and will have another space, to be shared with Companies
Friends, in Tourism Hall 2 booth N063. This booth will in fact be called ACTITALIA FRIENDS and will be a
showcase open to visitors with some major exhibitors. The pandemic did not allow us to design something of
larger but we will have the opportunity in the future to grow by including other partners who share our project.
Among many initiatives we are preparing, together with some of our Clubs and Associations such as Assonautica (with which
we signed a memorandum of intent) a major gathering in Rome during Tiber Day to be held from 15 to 17
October next.
During the summer months we completed and renovated the Federation’s two sites: and which can still be implemented with new suggestions from our
members and by the Administrations that shared our project.
Applications to join the “Yellow Flags” circuit have increased, and we are seeing great interest in the initiative.
You will also find on the graphically transformed Actitalia site all the existing agreements with the Federation with the
last facilities that offered us their facilities.
Finally, it was approved in a final council meeting to increase the price of the ACTItalia – CCI membership card from the current 7.00 euros
7.50 euros. We have tried over the years to keep the cost of these cards steady, but the latest increases that you have
presented the International Federation and the costs of managing and producing them forced us to ratify
this slight increase.
I wish everyone a good read and look forward to seeing you and the entire Council at our booths at the Parma Fair.
The President
Guido Chiari