“Let’s take back the pleasure of savoring the future again!!!” I open this introduction with a phrase from a commercial that is
shot on the radio in recent weeks.
In this year and a half we have all changed profoundly, and these first outings still see us fearful and
preoccupied with the thought of starting to live again to regain the usual practices, to realize desires, even the
simpler and resume the warm and festive gatherings, on the streets of our beautiful Italy.
Our traditional ways we cannot manifest them, we still have to stay distant but I assure you that with the
heart and thought are and are close to all of you.
Despite the many limitations, the Federation still continued to offer itself to its Clubs, to their Members,
to the institutions and the entire Plein air world.
In my term of office I have been fortunate to have a very special, motivated Executive next to me, with so much
will, able to handle multiple commitments, old and new, with great initiative. With the qualities
Of each we are achieving amazing results.
The approach we have given for the conduct of the Association’s activities is our way of conceiving and
interpreting the profession of leadership. We are still young, not young in age but young in
experience, willingness to do and build a new future for ACTItalia. Councilors and presidents pass but the
Federation stays. So a heartfelt thanks to this wonderful group with the purpose of continuing this
path together by tackling all future initiatives and projects that we will be involved in, with the same
enthusiasm that has been matched so far.
Below you will find some of the initiatives we have pursued in recent months with the awareness of
To offer everyone a contribution to better experience our way of vacationing.
The President
Guido Chiari